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Helpful Apps For ADHD

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most common “brain” and behavioral disorder diagnosed in children. It is more common for boys than girls and can persist into adulthood. ADHD is referred to as a “brain” disorder because of a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Children with ADHD are hyperactive and have difficulty in controlling their impulses. Adults with ADHD usually have difficulty in time management, being organized, managing information, getting more sleep and being productive.

With technological advancements these days, smartphone applications are not just for fun anymore, but they also play an important role in the mental, psychological and behavioral health care. These apps will not cure ADHD, but it will help those with the disorder on coping with their difficulties or challenges.





People with ADHD have trouble in focusing and are easily distracted. This app allows you to set several alarms which you can put on repeat – a helpful feature for the inattentive or forgetful person. It also does not need internet connection to function. It automatically changes time zone too.

Ever Note

This is a “digital notepad” that lets you take notes, reminders, and sync files in your phone – a way for those with ADHD to organize their meetings or schedules.

Mind Node

The app will help you synchronize your thoughts and ideas. Since people with ADHD have problems in creativity and focus, this can help you visualize your ideas and let you know of your priorities.


It is a storage app that lets you access, store and share your files anywhere.


This is a journal app that lets you document your life through text, photos, and videos. It can access your social networks to tag people or places whenever you feel forgetful. Besides, writing is good for mental health and memory.





Mint is an application that manages your money. It organizes your checking and savings account balances, debts, and investments. You can also get financial goals using this app.

Unroll Me

This app lets you organize and clean your inbox email. Helps you unsubscribe to unwanted emails.

Schedule Once

The app can organize your calendar schedule and client appointments. It lets you send notifications or emails to your scheduled clients.


Spotify lets you calm your mind with a massive song selection. You can use it as a background music while you are doing work or house chores. Choose music that are instrumental as it will let you focus with the task at hand.

Tomato Timer

It is a productivity app that helps you with your time management. Tomato Timer lets you accomplish your work by reminding you of your time to work and will also say if it is time to take a break.




Mango Health

This app lets you remember to take your medications on time. It also lets you records your symptoms and side effects, too.


When your mind is racing and in chaos, this app helps you calm your mind by teaching you meditation techniques accompanied with the sound and photos of nature. Meditation is important in the management of ADHD as it improves your attention and focus.

These are just some of the apps developed for helping people with ADHD. Some of these are free and some are not. Theses apps that were mentioned here are mostly helpful in managing the productivity and focus struggles of people with ADHD.





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